Mola Kaliva beach

Mola Kaliva is 500m from the Astron Hotel with beautiful beach, pebbles on the coact and the marvellous pinewood forest of Kassandra in the background. In 2019, the beach received a Blue Flag award.

It’s a quiet beach with shallow, clear and calm water. Sometimes the trees reach down on the coast and the beach has a natural shade. Some parts are organized with beach bars and taverns in front of the sea!


At a distance of 9.4 from Astron Hotel is Egeopelagitika beach is beyond doubt the most special one in Kassandra and it’ s also awarded a Blue Flag every year.

This part of Possidi has an astonishing landscape; transparent turquoise water, bright sand almost white, make the whole atmosphere as a reminiscent of exotic beaches on distant islands. It’s partly organized while disabled access is available. There are lifeguard supervision, some beach bars and a water sport centre as well.

Last but not least, the horizon stretches into the distance offering a view of Mount Olympus.
The sunset from this spot is just breathtaking!

Natural Thermal Spa of Agia Paraskevi

On the southern side of the Astron Hotel, the facilities of “Loutra” stands out. The natural spa, get more and more popular due to the exceptional curative treatments. For ages now, those thermal springs are said to have unique therapeutic properties, as the healing waters come from the deep within the earth, containing natural chemical elements that can help people of all ages overcome their health problems.

From the depths of the earth, healing water of Agia Paraskevi, Kassandra gushes out.

Due to its unique composition of chemical elements containing rare sanative properties, it rejuvenates both body and spirit. On the cliff, in a magnificent setting overlooking the Aegean Sea, the natural spring spa where the ancient Greek art of water-healing with all the riches of its unique local water sources meets a modern spa.

Nea Skioni village

The nearby village of Nea Skioni(7,6km) is a small fishing village located at the south-west of Kassandra penisnula and surrounded by a beautiful nature along with beautiful coastline, it’s an ideal place for relaxing holidays!

The oldest settlement of Kassandra has a long history, full of surprising rises and dramatic falls. The village of Nea Skioni was formerly known as “Tsaprani” but its present name reminds the earliest of all Kassandra’s colony cities.

The modern village of Nea Skioni was founded in 1918, 110 km away from Thessaloniki, on the site of a small fishing village, near the ancient city of Skioni, which once existed here.

Nowadays Nea Skioni has a shape of an amphitheater built around a small port, where fishing boats arrive every day to deliver fresh fish to local taverns. The modern village is a tourist resort with few hotels and guesthouses, traditional tavernas, ouzo bars, cafes, and a scenic harbor.